CNC Routing Services

CNC routing services we offer provide a wide selection of materials including  Plywood, hardwood, aluminium, plastic and foam. We utilise the latest CNC technology, which provide you with market leading precision, tolerances and surface finish

Clients we have been fortunate to work with include product designers, architects, carpenters, joiners, sign makers, shop fitters, set & exhibition designers. Our expert CAD designers and technicians can transform your sketch or idea into a reality.

We complete cost effective one-off pieces as well as batch production.

We love a challenge!

CNC routing services



We provide the latest technology in computer navigated cutting for set fabrication, custom design components, and graphics. Our CNC routing services provides precision cut components as well as cost savings in fabrication. From high detailed components to mass produced structural shapes our design team can create cutting programs for you or work from your existing computer or hand drawn designs.

CNC timber routing



When complex and repeated shapes are needed, CNC machining and laser cutting are the perfect choice. We specialize in CNC cutting, design for manufacturing, prototyping, and finishing services. We work with a wide range of clients large and small.

Custom Furniture



Custom made furniture has always been at the heart of our business,

Creating bespoke pieces from timber, steel or both is our passion, we are happy making one off pieces, or fitting out a bar or Restaurant.




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